Dr Ingrid Peters
Family Physician
MBChB (UCT), MFamMed (Stell)

30 Hibiscus St  | Bergsig  | Durbanville | 7550  
ph: 021-975-6363/4

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Holistic | Integrative | GP
General Practice - Family Medicine

Taking the time to get to know you better.
Focusing on the whole of you in your world.
Root cause medicine.
Find out why you feel the way you do.
Achieve a better balance.

Special interests:
Full spectrum Family Medicine
Babies & Children's Health | Women's Health | Men's Health
Brain Health (child & adult)
ADHD | ADD | Sensory Processing issues
Alzheimer's Disease prevention | Bredesen protocol
Heart Health | Metabolic cardiology |
Addressing Inflammation, Oxidative stress & Vascular Autoimmune Dysregulation naturally
DNA analysis for Health
Gut Health
Autoimmune disease | Anti inflammatory food & lifetsyle choices | Low dose Naltrexone (LDN)
Hormone balance | HRT | Natural alternatives | Bioidentical hormones

My Journey towards better balance (ongoing)

Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) | University of Cape Town | 1994
Master of Family Medicine (MFamMed)| Stellenbosch University | 2004
Evidence Based Medicine teaching assistant | Department of Family Medicine
Stellenbosch University | 2004
Clinical Mentor for Diploma of Family Medicine students | Stellenbosch University | 2008
Advanced Syndrome Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Postgraduate Course for Doctors
Professor Man Fong Mei |Beijing University of Chinese Medicine | Acumedic | London | 2009-11
Integrative Medicine Course | Dr Bernard Brom | Cape Town | 2017
Integrative Medicine | Dr Craige Golding | Johannesburg | 2018
Advanced Translational Nutrigenomics | CTG/Manuka Dr Yael Joffe | 2018

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